The Draft Analyst proudly presents you with web’s most extensive (and possibly only) year-to-year archive of the NHL’s Central Scouting Bureau’s final draft rankings. For easy navigation purposes, each page is broken down by four lists — North American skaters, European skaters, North American goaltenders and European goaltenders. The right sidebar archives every available year.

This project was and still is a massive undertaking. Countless hours well into the hundreds were spent keypunching data in order to create a digital library we feel decades of hockey fans clamored for. The intent behind posting the rankings en masse is to allow draft analysts alike to conduct their own independent research in order to confirm or deny their own theories, as well as ones being discussed in hockey circles.

Lastly, not all rankings are complete, as some of those taken from newspapers and periodicals were not presented in full.

Thank you for stopping by, and happy hunting!


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