2020 NHL Draft

Final Draft Rankings: Top 300

The waiting game: Questions to ponder as the draft remains months away
Steve Kournianos  |  06/5/2020 |  Nashville  |  [hupso]

NASHVILLE (The Draft Analyst) – The comfort of genuine certainty is something rarely felt by anyone deeply involved in these guessing games of prospect evaluation and draft analysis. Since NHL clubs generally make it a point to shroud their internal draft processes in secrecy anyway, it should therefore be no surprise that questions surrounding this specific draft class remain unanswered, and will stay that way for several months. Furthermore, the shutdown of the NHL regular season and the subsequent postponement of the 2020 NHL draft has added a new, thickened layer of obscurity — as in, where the hell is it, what the heck is the format, and most importantly, when will it happen.

As impatient and perplexed as we may be, however, the amount of work that was poured into evaluating draft-eligible prospects prior to the recent global shutdown is beginning to bear fruits for the information-starved hockey fan to consume. If there was ever a positive to come out of the current mess we’re in, it’s the fact that most of us were afforded more time to get smart on a draft class than ever before. We may not ace this test, but we were definitely prepared for it.

Of course, locking oneself in a room for weeks on end to devour prospect information, analyze data, and watch hours upon hours (upon hours!) of game footage sums up the average day in the life of yours truly, regardless of how germy and sickly the outside world becomes. But I’d be lying if I said the cancellation of annual prospect events that lead up to the draft – the under-18 world championships, junior league postseasons, the Memorial Cup, and the NHL’s Scouting Combine – didn’t make this year’s evaluation process more manageable and far less stressful.

Therefore, the work inherent in evaluating close to a thousand 17-to-21-year-old draft-eligible prospects, who performed in different time zones in North America and Europe, needs to yield some sort of output; a general blueprint for the layperson to follow, even if we’re still months away from the draft itself.

The rankings below are not some critical piece to the draft puzzle. Rather, it’s the general opinion of one individual who simply watches a ton of hockey to provide his unsolicited outlook on a draft class. Besides, we’ve already established that the first 20 players picked in a given draft year never become the 20 best NHL’ers, let alone in that order. Still, this is a personal list based on the personal barometers.

The Rankings Process

1. Create draft “resumes” for all the top players. Things I look at:

• Their role on the team (trusted player, top-line/top-pairing)
• Individual rank in league and team categories, to include scoring, ice time, and shots.
• Performances vs contenders or doormats; top defenses or offenses; top or weak special teams
• Ability to take over games, i.e. create chances consistently
• Body language on the bench or in between whistles
• Achievements, or lack thereof, in international tournaments (if applicable)
• Context (e.g., weak or strong supporting cast)

2. Critical determining factors:

• Hockey sense (vision, poise under pressure, anticipation)
• Compete level (desire to win small puck battles; effort at end of shifts)
• Courage (takes pucks inside; crashes the net, willing to take hit to move puck)
• Selflessness (looks to create for others; stands up for teammates; sacrifices body)
• Shot and pass accuracy
• Skating (footspeed in tight spaces; balance in traffic)

3. Use “Gun-to-your-head” gut-feel scenarios to determine:

• Where player ranks among draft-eligible teammates
• Where player ranks among draft-eligible prospects in his league
• Where player ranks among draft-eligible prospects at his position

Top 5 Storylines for the 2020 NHL Draft

1. The battle for No. 1 ended months ago, so who will be No. 2?

With all due respect to Quinton Byfield, Tim Stutzle, and a host of other talented prospects with franchise-changing potential, this draft has belonged to Rimouski’s Alexis Lafreniere for several years. Although some attention grabbers tried to take the discussion beyond on-ice performance and upside, the truth is that Lafreniere has in his possession the most impressive pre-draft resume of any player since Connor McDavid, and before him, Sidney Crosby. While I won’t go as far as to say Lafreniere will be a perennial Art Ross and Hart Trophy candidate, he has been the lead horse since Day One and continued to solidify an already firm grip on No. 1 overall by winning the MVP at the U20 world junior championship and claiming the QMJHL scoring title. Also keep in mind that it’s just a matter of days until it’s announced that Lafreniere will join Crosby as the only two players in Canadian Hockey League history to win their Player of the Year Award twice before being drafted.

Byfield, however, remains the second best prospect in this draft class. His blend of power, creativity, smarts, and two-way play easily make him the best center in the draft pool. The question is whether or not Stutzle’s explosiveness and excitability during German league play and the world juniors is enough for the team choosing second overall to overlook Byfield’s attributes and potential to physically dominate on or off the puck. It’s definitely a fair question to ask, however, since the feeling of uncertainty surrounding the No. 2 pick (at least outside NHL war rooms) is far greater in 2020 than in any year since 2014. The aforementioned physical attributes – size, power, balance, toughness – is why I give the slightest of edges to Byfield of Stutzle.

2. Top defenseman: Jamie Drysdale or Jake Sanderson?

I already covered this debate extensively, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll put it to you like this – both have cornerstone potential and can be groomed to become a No. 1 defenseman in the mold of a Kris Letang or Ryan Suter or Duncan Keith or Ryan McDonagh. Drysdale is more offense with underrated defense; Sanderson is more defense with significantly under-appreciated offense. Each one is an elite skater and can quarterback a power play, plus eat a ton of late/close minutes with short recovery periods in between shifts. I’m not trying to punt this one to the sidelines – you can’t go wrong with either one.

3. How high will goalie Yaroslav Askarov go?

Speaking of in-depth analysis, check out the profile I did on Askarov a few months ago. Remember, I’m big on creating draft resumes, and no goalie – and that includes Carey Price, Andrei Vasilevskiy, and Spencer Knight – own a sizable collection of dominant performances before the age of 18 quite like Askarov. People pointing to a par of bad starts at the world juniors as the primary reason to avoid him in the first round are running the risk of them regretting the decision years later when Askarov not only lands in the NHL but potentially becomes the franchise goalie they wish they had. Of course, goalies are way tougher to analyze as teenagers. But Askarov’s confidence and preparation for big games is rarely seen in a netminder at any level, let alone a kid who still hasn’t turned 18.

The whole “you can find a good goalie in any round” excuse is perfectly acceptable as long as you acknowledge that some teams have a poorer track record at developing goalies than others. Knowing that, there is no doubt in my mind that multiple teams have a potential superstar like Askarov in the top five on their internal draft boards.

4. My Three Swedes: Holtz vs Raymond vs Gunler

Without getting into too deep of a discussion, the simple fact is that Sweden will produce its best forward group in several years – Alexander Holtz, Lucas Raymond, and Noel Gunler are all wingers who played the entire season in the adult-age SHL, with Holtz seeing more ice time while the others served as depth players on contending teams. As good as Gunler can be, the real debate pits Holtz against Raymond, mostly because they’ve been linemates at every major international event for the last three years.

Raymond is more the playmaker whereas Gunler and Holtz possess elite scoring abilities. Skating is not a concern for any of them and each have showed the potential to become dual threats – Raymond can snipe it and Gunler and Holtz have underrated passing skills. But it all goes back to draft resumes, and if we were to grade solely on their performances this season, you can argue that it was Raymond who had the least impressive, even within the context of limited minutes.

How so? Raymond did not distinguish himself in a single tournament, when the playing field and ice time were level. Even in brief stints in junior hockey, Raymond was not revealing the consistency desired for a potential top-five pick in the draft.

This process, however, also includes potential, and both Raymond and Gunler had remarkable 2018-19 campaigns. It’s totally understandable if clubs will point to that previous dominance of their age group as the primary justification for choosing them.

For my money, you can’t go wrong with Holtz. He has the battle level, strength, and frame that can withstand the rigors of the North American game, and his shot-release combination is the most impressive of the three.

5. Dmitry Ovchinnikov, where are you?

Well, on my rankings, you can find the Russian scorer somewhere in the 170’s. Hey, at least I didn’t leave him off my 300+ ranking entirely like the folks over at NHL’s Central Scouting, who in April dropped this year’s top cult prospect after ranking him 74th out of 140 European skaters in the January midterms.

From a skill standpoint, Ovchinnikov checks a lot of boxes. He can be flashy and quick; deadly and decisive. He also has decent size, contributes defensively, and was a consistent threat against the tougher teams in the MHL’s Eastern Division.

So why was he dissed by the NHL’s primary scouting arm? That’s a good question, especially since they rarely (if ever) go public with their opinions on snubs. The “Russian Factor” could be a legitimate explanation since some prospects can be adamant about their disinterment in leaving home for North America, and that’s with or without the lure of a KHL contract.

Still, there’s nothing wrong with an NHL club taking a flyer on a talented puck magician like Ovchinnikov, who can marinate in Russia for several years until an NHL team can lure him across the pond. In fact, one can assume there are several teams who disagree entirely with Central Scouting’s rankings and have Ovchinnikov as high as a third or fourth rounder.

Below is the final list of notable first-year eligible draft prospects for the 2020 NHL Entry Draft. These rankings will not change and will stay this way all the way up to the draft and beyond. Players born between September 16, 2001 and September 15, 2002 are in the zone for consideration. The rankings for draft “overagers” will be published in late June and will be included in my annual NHL Draft Report.

1 Lafreniere, Alexis LW Rimouski QMJHL 11-Oct-01 6’1 193 L
2 Byfield, Quinton C Sudbury OHL 19-Aug-02 6’4 215 L
3 Stutzle, Tim LW Mannheim DEL 15-Jan-02 6’1 187 L
4 Perfetti, Cole C Saginaw OHL 1-Jan-02 5’11 177 L
5 Rossi, Marco C Ottawa OHL 23-Sep-01 5’9 183 L
6 Holtz, Alexander RW Djurgarden SHL 23-Jan-02 6’0 192 R
7 Amirov, Rodion LW Salavat Ufa KHL 2-Oct-01 6’0 167 L
8 Drysdale, Jamie RHD Erie OHL 8-Apr-02 5’11 175 R
9 Raymond, Lucas LW Frolunda SHL 28-Mar-02 5’11 170 R
10 Sanderson, Jake LHD U.S. U18 NTDP 8-Jul-02 6’2 185 L
11 Lundell, Anton C HIFK SM-Liiga 3-Oct-01 6’1 185 L
12 Jarvis, Seth C Portland WHL 1-Feb-02 5’10 175 R
13 Khusnutdinov, Marat C SKA-1946 MHL 17-Jul-02 5’11 176 L
14 Holloway, Dylan C Wisconsin Big-10 23-Sep-01 6’1 203 L
15 Askarov, Yaroslav G SKA-Neva VHL 16-Jun-02 6’3 176 R
16 Zary, Connor C Kamloops WHL 25-Sep-01 6’0 178 L
17 Bourque, Mavrik C Shawinigan QMJHL 8-Jan-02 5’10 178 R
18 Quinn, Jack RW Ottawa OHL 19-Sep-01 6’0 176 R
19 Sourdif, Justin RW Vancouver WHL 24-Mar-02 5’11 173 R
20 Andrae, Emil LHD Hv 71 J20 Superelit 23-Feb-02 5’9 181 L
21 Perreault, Jacob RW Sarnia OHL 15-Apr-02 5’11 192 R
22 Guhle, Kaiden LHD Prince Albert WHL 18-Jan-02 6’2 186 L
23 Mercer, Dawson C Chicoutimi QMJHL 27-Oct-01 6’0 180 R
24 Bordeleau, Thomas C U.S. U18 NTDP 3-Jan-02 5’10 175 L
25 Brisson, Brendan C Chicago USHL 22-Oct-01 5’11 179 L
26 Torgersson, Daniel LW Frolunda J20 Superelit 26-Jan-02 6’3 199 L
27 Peterka, John-Jason RW Munchen DEL 14-Jan-02 5’11 192 L
28 Zlodeyev, Dmitry C MHK Dynamo MHL 15-Feb-02 5’11 185 L
29 Reichel, Lukas LW Eisbaren Berlin DEL 17-May-02 6’0 170 L
30 Mysak, Jan C Hamilton OHL 24-Jun-02 5’10 175 L
31 Ponomarev, Vasiliy C Shawinigan QMJHL 13-Mar-02 5’10 180 L
32 Gunler, Noel RW Lulea SHL 7-Oct-01 6’2 176 R
33 Colangelo, Sam RW Chicago USHL 26-Dec-01 6’2 205 R
34 Jurmo, Joni LHD Jokerit U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 19-Apr-02 6’4 190 L
35 Schneider, Braden RHD Brandon WHL 20-Sep-01 6’2 202 R
36 Farrell, Sean C Chicago USHL 2-Nov-01 5’9 175 L
37 Gushchin, Danil LW Muskegon USHL 6-Feb-02 5’8 165 L
38 Powell, Eamon RHD U.S. U18 NTDP 10-May-02 5’11 165 R
39 Neighbours, Jake LW Edmonton WHL 29-Mar-02 6’0 195 L
40 Tullio, Tyler RW Oshawa OHL 5-Apr-02 5’10 165 R
41 Foerster, Tyson RW Barrie OHL 18-Jan-02 6’2 194 R
42 O’Rourke, Ryan LHD Sault Ste. Marie OHL 16-May-02 6’0 178 L
43 Lapierre, Hendrix C Chicoutimi QMJHL 9-Feb-02 6’0 179 L
44 Heineman, Emil LW Leksand J20 Superelit 16-Nov-01 6’1 185 L
45 Simontaival, Kasper RW Tappara U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 11-Jan-02 5’9 177 R
46 Greig, Ridly C Brandon WHL 8-Aug-02 5’11 163 L
47 Nybeck, Zion LW Hv 71 J20 Superelit 12-May-02 5’7 182 L
48 Niederbach, Theodor C Frolunda J20 Superelit 25-Feb-02 5’11 172 R
49 Niemela, Topi RHD Karpat SM-Liiga 25-Mar-02 5’11 156 R
50 Hirvonen, Roni C Assat SM-Liiga 10-Jan-02 5’9 164 L
51 Barron, Justin RHD Halifax QMJHL 15-Nov-01 6’2 195 R
52 Wiesblatt, Ozzy RW Prince Albert WHL 9-Mar-02 5’10 183 R
53 Wallinder, William LHD Modo J20 Superelit 28-Jul-02 6’4 191 L
54 Tuch, Luke LW U.S. U18 NTDP 7-Mar-02 6’2 203 L
55 Smilanic, Ty C U.S. U18 NTDP 20-Jan-02 6’1 175 L
56 Viro, Eemil LHD TPS Turku SM-Liiga 3-Apr-02 6’0 165 L
57 Suni, Oliver RW Oshawa OHL 13-Feb-02 6’1 188 R
58 Biondi, Blake C Hermantown HS-MN 24-Apr-02 6’0 191 R
59 Jarventie, Roby LW KooVee Mestis 8-Aug-02 6’2 184 L
60 Faber, Brock RHD U.S. U18 NTDP 22-Aug-02 6’0 190 R
61 Miettinen, Veeti RW K-Espoo U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 20-Sep-01 5’9 161 L
62 Kleven, Tyler LHD U.S. U18 NTDP 10-Jan-02 6’4 200 L
63 Poirier, Jeremie LHD Saint John QMJHL 2-Jun-02 6’1 196 L
64  Klikorka, Karel LHD Ml. Boleslav U21 DHL Cup 30-Nov-01 6’1 194 L
65 Berard, Brett LW U.S. U18 NTDP 9-Sep-02 5’9 155 L
66 Cuylle, William LW Windsor OHL 5-Feb-02 6’3 204 L
67 Mukhamadullin, Shakir LHD Salavat Ufa KHL 10-Jan-02 6’4 178 L
68 Kuznetsov, Yan LHD Uconn HE 9-Mar-02 6’4 209 L
69 Commesso, Drew G U.S. U18 NTDP 19-Jul-02 6’2 180 L
70 Foudy, Jean-Luc C Windsor OHL 13-May-02 5’11 177 R
71 Magnusson, Oskar LW Malmo J20 Superelit 31-Jan-02 5’10 166 L
72 Johannesson, Anton LHD Hv 71 J20 Superelit 26-Mar-02 5’9 144 L
73 Chromiak, Martin RW Kingston OHL 20-Aug-02 6’0 187 R
74 McClennon, Connor RW Winnipeg WHL 25-Jun-02 5’8 163 R
75 Tankov, Kirill C SKA-Varyagi MHL 26-Mar-02 6’1 180 L
76 Cormier, Lukas LHD Charlottetown QMJHL 27-Mar-02 5’10 180 L
77 Hanas, Cross LW Portland WHL 5-Jan-02 6’1 167 L
78 Ljungman, Daniel C Linkoping J20 Superelit 3-Apr-02 6’1 166 L
79 Groshev, Maxim RW Nizhnekamsk KHL 14-Dec-01 6’2 194 L
80 Pytlik, Jaromir C Sault Ste. Marie OHL 25-Sep-01 6’2 200 R
81 Slaggert, Landon LW U.S. U18 NTDP 25-Jun-02 6’0 180 L
82 Peterson, Dylan C U.S. U18 NTDP 8-Jan-02 6’4 192 R
83 Hunt, Daemon LHD Moose Jaw WHL 15-May-02 6’0 198 L
84 Kaiser, Wyatt LHD Andover HS-MN 31-Jul-02 6’0 173 L
85 Blomqvist, Joel G Karpat U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 10-Jan-02 6’1 182 L
86 Evangelista, Luke RW London OHL 21-Feb-02 5’11 166 R
87 Finley, Jack C Spokane WHL 2-Sep-02 6’6 213 R
88 Miller, Mitchell RHD Tri-City USHL 20-Dec-01 5’10 180 R
89 Benning, Michael RHD Sherwood Park AJHL 5-Jan-02 5’9 177 R
90 Knazko, Samuel LHD TPS U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 7-Aug-02 6’1 191 L
91 Francis, Ryan RW Cape Breton QMJHL 2-Dec-01 5’9 170 R
92 Pashin, Alexander RW Tolpar MHL 28-Jul-02 5’8 154 L
93 Rochette, Theo C Quebec QMJHL 20-Feb-02 5’10 161 L
94 Laferriere, Alex RW Des Moines USHL 28-Oct-01 6’0 173 R
95 Ambrosio, Colby C Tri-City USHL 7-Aug-02 5’9 170 R
96 Grans, Helge RHD Malmo J20 Superelit 10-May-02 6’3 206 R
97 Tyutnev, Pavel RW Loko Yaroslavl MHL 25-Jul-02 5’10 185 L
98 Didkovskiy, Ivan RW MHK Dynamo MHL 20-Jan-02 5’11 187 L
99 Savoie, Carter LW Sherwood Park AJHL 23-Jan-02 5’9 192 L
100 Ekmark, Elliot C Linkoping J20 Superelit 29-Jan-02 5’9 162 L
101 Coe, Brandon RW North Bay OHL 1-Dec-01 6’4 188 R
102 Nikishin, Alexander LHD Spartak KHL 2-Oct-01 6’3 196 L
103 Tarnstrom, Oliver C AIK J20 Superelit 30-Aug-02 6’0 158 L
104 Trineyev, Bogdan RW MHK Dynamo MHL 4-Mar-02 6’3 198 R
105 Nickl, Thimo RHD Drummondville QMJHL 4-Dec-01 6’2 176 R
106 Ljungkrantz, Alexander RW Brynas J20 Superelit 27-Feb-02 6’1 179 L
107 Beryozkin, Maksim LW Loko Yaroslavl MHL 12-Oct-01 6’2 201 R
108 Krovyakov, Maxim C SKA-1946 MHL 12-May-02 6’3 180 R
109 Loof, Leo LHD Farjestad J20 Superelit 25-Apr-02 6’2 176 L
110 Moore, Ian RHD St. Mark’s School HS-MA 4-Jan-02 6’2 171 R
111 Novak, Pavel RW Kelowna WHL 16-Apr-02 5’9 170 R
112 Shlaine, Artem C Shattuck HS-MN 7-Mar-02 6’1 165 L
113 Krutil, Michael RHD Sparta U21 DHL Cup 3-Jun-02 6’3 202 R
114 Stranges, Antonio LW London OHL 5-Feb-02 5’10 168 L
115 Maenpaa, Juuso C Jokerit U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 29-Apr-02 5’5 141 L
116 Johansson, Pontus LHD Djurgarden J20 Superelit 23-Oct-01 6’1 170 L
117 Sedoff, Christoffer LHD Red Deer WHL 20-Feb-02 6’1 190 L
118 Cranley, Will G Ottawa OHL 26-Feb-02 6’3 172 L
119 Dufour, William RW Drummondville QMJHL 28-Jan-02 6’3 195 R
120 Kokhanin, Ignat LW Dynamo SPB MHL 12-Jan-02 5’10 183 L
121 Bednar, Jan G Karlovy Vary Extraliga 26-Aug-02 6’4 196 L
122 Szurowski, Mateusz RW Linkoping J20 Superelit 24-Mar-02 6’0 176 R
123 Kosior, Landon RHD Prince Albert WHL 15-Aug-02 5’11 190 R
124 Shuidin, Nikita RW SKA-1946 MHL 3-May-02 5’10 161 R
125 Desroches, Charlie RHD Saint John QMJHL 24-Apr-02 5’10 170 R
126 Persson, Viktor RHD Brynas J20 Superelit 7-Nov-01 6’2 192 R
127 Zinchenko, Ivan C Russkie Vityaz MHL 20-Jan-02 6’2 183 L
128 Thompson, Jack RHD Sudbury OHL 19-Mar-02 6’0 178 R
129 Styf, Hugo LHD Modo J20 Superelit 25-Aug-02 6’1 188 L
130 Hardie, James LW Mississauga OHL 18-Jan-02 5’11 176 L
131 McDonnell, Declan RW Kitchener OHL 25-Feb-02 5’10 160 R
132 Nordlund, Theo LHD Frolunda J20 Superelit 20-Jul-02 6’0 183 L
133 Yoder, Chase C U.S. U18 NTDP 28-May-02 5’10 176 L
134 Sebrango, Donovan LHD Kitchener OHL 12-Jan-02 6’1 189 L
135 Truscott, Jacob LHD U.S. U18 NTDP 12-Apr-02 6’1 170 L
136 Vierling, Evan C Barrie OHL 20-Jun-02 6’0 167 L
137 Langenbrunner, Mason RHD Eden Prairie HS-MN 14-Sep-02 6’2 166 R
138 Kubicek, Simon RHD Seattle WHL 19-Dec-01 6’2 205 R
139 Kondyrev, Kirill C Russkie Vityaz MHL 29-Jun-02 6’1 194 L
140 Iacobo, Fabio G Victoriaville QMJHL 26-Oct-01 6’2 190 L
141 Rolston, Ryder RW Waterloo USHL 31-Oct-01 6’1 175 R
142 Duran, Riley C Lawrence HS-MA 25-Jan-02 6’1 174 R
143 Puutio, Kasper RHD Everett WHL 3-Jun-02 5’11 180 R
144 Svejkovsky, Lukas C Medicine Hat WHL 28-Nov-01 5’10 165 R
145 Ramberg, Lucas LHD Lulea J20 Superelit 30-Jun-02 6’1 190 L
146 Elias, Florian C Jungadler Mannheim DNL 7-Aug-02 5’8 170 L
147 Moore, Lleyton LHD Oshawa OHL 27-Feb-02 5’8 168 L
148 Villeneuve, William RHD Saint John QMJHL 20-Mar-02 6’1 175 R
149 Clang, Calle G Rogle J20 Superelit 20-May-02 6’2 194 L
150 Chlubna, Tomas RW Jihlava Chance Liga 6-Jul-02 6’3 183 R
151 Garand, Dylan G Kamloops WHL 7-Jun-02 6’1 172 L
152 Fatul, Oliver LHD Tappara U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 16-Aug-02 6’4 179 L
153 Raska, Adam RW Rimouski QMJHL 25-Sep-01 5’10 178 R
154 Pyyhtia, Mikael C TPS Turku U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 17-Dec-01 5’11 174
155 Ovchinnikov, Ilya C Avto Yekaterinburg MHL 31-Oct-01 5’11 174 L
156 Gut, Michal C Everett WHL 16-Aug-02 6’0 187 L
157 Boltmann, Jake RHD Edina HS-MN 19-Oct-01 6’1 188 R
158 Knak, Simon RW Portland WHL 27-Jan-02 6’1 185 L
159 Glotzl, Maximilian LHD Koln Jr. DNL 16-Mar-02 6’2 198 L
160 Dickinson, Tanner C Sault Ste. Marie OHL 5-Mar-02 5’11 150 L
161 Matej, Pavel RW Trinec U21 DHL Cup 25-May-02 6’0 165 L
162 Svenddal, Will LHD Blake HS-MN 12-Oct-01 6’0 187 L
163 Borzecki, Jakub RW RB Hockey Akademia DHL Cup 17-Jan-02 6’1 198 R
164 Kerins, Rory C Sault Ste. Marie OHL 12-Apr-02 5’10 175 L
165 Juhlin, Eric LW Vasteras J20 Superelit 11-Oct-01 6’0 176 L
166 Edwards, Ethan LHD Spruce Grove AJHL 6-Jun-02 5’10 166 L
167 Aho, Karri LHD Ilves U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 6-Sep-02 6’1 179 L
168 King, Ben C Red Deer WHL 15-May-02 6’2 194 R
169 Malik, Nick G Sault Ste Marie OHL 26-Apr-02 6’0 180 L
170 Smith, Jack C St. Cloud Cathedral HS-MN 6-Jul-02 5’11 182 L
171 Zotov, Filat LHD Russkie Vityaz MHL 16-May-02 6’1 185 L
172 Reid, Luke RHD Chicago USHL 26-Sep-01 6’0 190 R
173 Simon, Michal LW Ml. Boleslav U21 DHL Cup 25-May-02 5’11 161 R
174 Malat, Sebastian RW Plzen U21 DHL Cup 14-Feb-02 6’0 174 L
175 Schingoethe, Wyatt C Waterloo USHL 3-Aug-02 5’10 200 L
176 Ovchinnikov, Dmitry C Sibir MHL 19-Aug-02 6’0 161 L
177 Rychkov, Ilya RW SKA-1946 MHL 30-Mar-02 5’9 176 L
178 Peeters, Senna RW Halifax QMJHL 14-Jun-02 6’1 178 R
179 Konecny, Jakub C Sparta U21 DHL Cup 19-Jun-02 5’10 150 L
180 Slukynsky, Grant C Warroad HS-MN 12-Mar-02 6’0 195 L
181 Loney, Carter C Steinbach MJHL 2-Aug-02 5’9 161 R
182 Seeley, Ronan LHD Everett WHL 2-Aug-02 6’0 176 L
183 Hallen, William C Frolunda J20 Superelit 15-Apr-02 6’1 177 L
184 Noren, Erik LHD Orebro SHL 11-Oct-01 6’0 183 L
185 Fowler, Hayden LW Erie OHL 24-Sep-01 5’10 185 L
186 Levi, Devon G Carleton Place CCHL 27-Dec-01 6’0 183 L
187 Bantle, Carson LW Madison USHL 22-Jan-02 6’4 194 L
188 Kaslik, Matej C Malmo J20 Superelit 5-Aug-02 5’11 158 L
189 Jimenez, Christian LHD Sioux City USHL 15-Mar-02 5’9 180 L
190 Jefferies, Alex LW The Gunnery HS-CT 8-Nov-01 6’0 195 R
191 Guay, Patrick C Sherbrooke QMJHL 29-Apr-02 5’9 169 L
192 Safin-Tregubov, Sergei LHD  Tolpar MHL 11-Oct-01 5’8 185 L
193 Andersson, Simon C MODO J20 Superelit 17-Sep-01 6’0 183 L
194 Robins, Tristen RW Saskatoon WHL 15-Nov-01 5’10 176 R
195 Handl, Tobias C Olomouc U21 DHL Cup 2-Jul-02 6’5 191 L
196 Cardwell, Ethan RW Barrie OHL 30-Aug-02 5’11 180 R
197 Ansons, Raivis RW Baie-Comeau QMJHL 29-Jan-02 6’1 191 L
198 Stacha, Marko LHD Trencin Slovak Extraliga 21-Mar-02 6’0 192 L
199 Urban, Tomas LW Kladno U21 DHL Cup 20-Feb-02 5’11 189 L
200 Costantini, Matteo C Jr. Sabres OJHL 16-Aug-02 6’0 173 L
201 Andersson, Noah C Farjestad J20 Superelit 10-May-02 6’0 192 L
202 Rafkin, Ruben RHD Windsor OHL 8-Jan-02 5’11 190 R
203 Stehlik, Lukas RW Litvinov U21 DHL Cup 29-Jul-02 5’8 172 L
204 Konstantinov, Dmitry RW Kapitan Stupino MHL 19-Apr-02 6’4 167 R
205 Bogenholm, Reid LHD St. Cloud Cathedral HS-MN 13-Feb-02 6’0 190 L
206 Nevolin, Maxim RW Almaz MHL 16-Nov-01 6’0 185 R
207 Williams, Jack RW Muskegon USHL 2-Mar-02 5’11 174 R
208 Pederson, Owen C Winnipeg WHL 27-Mar-02 6’3 191 L
209 Ellis, Noah RHD Des Moines USHL 1-Feb-02 6’2 191 R
210 Mancini, Vittorio RHD Frolunda J20 Superelit 26-May-02 6’4 203 R
211 Valade, Reid RW Kitchener OHL 14-Mar-02 5’10 167 R
212 Laatsch, Daniel LHD U.S. U18 NTDP 13-Feb-02 6’5 180 L
213 Kolacek, Josef C Chomutov Chance Liga 6-Sep-02 5’10 150 L
214 Wisdom, Zayde RW Kingston OHL 7-Jul-02 5’11 195 R
215 Loof, Linus C Farjestad J20 Superelit 25-Apr-02 6’1 173 L
216 Zloty, Benjamin LHD Winnipeg WHL 24-Feb-02 5’10 175 L
217 Rehak, Samuel C Zilina Slovak Extraliga 28-Mar-02 6’0 195 R
218 Paputsakis, Zachary G Oshawa OHL 8-Nov-01 6’3 170 L
219 Steeves, Ben RW Eden Prairie HS-MN 10-May-02 5’9 160 L
220 Spaberg Olsen, Calle RW Rogle J20 Superelit 19-Feb-02 6’0 183 L
221 Morrison, Logan C Hamilton OHL 9-Jul-02 5’11 165 R
222 Kunz, Jackson LW Shattuck HS-MN 13-Aug-02 6’3 210 L
223 Kempf, Hank LHD Muskegon USHL 15-Apr-02 6’1 180 L
224 Bjorklund, Garin G Medicine Hat WHL 28-May-02 6’2 170 L
225 Sima, Petr LW Ml. Boleslav U21 DHL Cup 4-Jul-02 5’10 154 L
226 Faith, Roman C Kosice Slovak Extraliga 28-Jul-02 5’11 158 L
227 Hallum, Jackson C St. Thomas HS-MN 8-Sep-02 6’0 170 L
228 Bradley, Chase LW Omaha USHL 9-Jan-02 5’11 180 L
229 Burns, Brady C Saint John QMJHL 27-May-02 5’8 150 L
230 Miller, Joe C Blake HS-MN 15-Sep-02 5’8 147 R
231 Ratzlaff, Jake RHD Rosemount HS-MN 23-Jun-02 6’2 203 R
232 Hansen, Cole C/W Blaine HS-MN 7-Feb-02 6’2 190 L
233 Thompson, Bryan G Lethbridge WHL 9-Apr-02 6’4 181 L
234 Kumlin, Axel RHD Frolunda J20 Superelit 23-Feb-02 6’0 186 R
235 Gramer, Luke LHD Moorhead HS-MN 2-Jul-02 5’10 181 L
236 Guzzo, Patrick C Waterloo USHL 27-Nov-01 6’2 198 L
237 Richels, Carsen LW Blaine HS-MN 3-Oct-01 6’3 223 L
238 Nyman, Luka LHD Red Bull Akademie Alps League 1-Mar-02 5’7 156 L
239 Maatta, Joel C Sioux City USHL 6-Jul-02 6’1 192 L
240 Bjorgvik-Holm, Ole LHD Mississauga OHL 23-May-02 6’2 190 L
241 Butler, Cameron RW Niagara OHL 9-Jun-02 6’4 202 R
242 Vikman, Jesper G AIK J20 Superelit 11-Mar-02 6’3 176 L
243 Bowen, Ethan C Chilliwack BCHL 14-May-02 6’1 154 L
244 Pillar, Josh C Kamloops WHL 14-Feb-02 5’11 171 R
245 Dion, Jacob LHD Drummondville QMJHL 1-Nov-01 5’9 179 L
246 Blaha, Marek RHD Sparta U21 DHL Cup 11-Sep-02 5’8 133 R
247 Schweitzer, Nathan RHD BSM HS-MN 21-Feb-02 6’0 188 R
248 Slavicek, Josef RW Sparta U21 DHL Cup 2-Jul-02 5’11 163 R
249 Rouha, Michal C Pardubice U21 DHL Cup 13-Jan-02 6’0 167 L
250 Sall, Gabriel LW Skelleftea J20 Superelit 11-May-02 5’11 175 L
251 Eriksen, Philip LHD Lulea J20 Superelit 31-May-02 6’0 185 L
252 Hasek, Petr LW Kladno U21 DHL Cup 10-Oct-01 6’2 187 L
253 Grannan, Noah G U.S. U18 NTDP 27-Apr-02 6’2 190 L
254 Kovar, Filip LHD Liberec U21 DHL Cup 21-Apr-02 6’3 191 L
255 Urdahl, Zachary LW Lincoln USHL 13-Oct-01 6’0 175 L
256 Skotnikov, Vsevolod G Loko Yaroslavl MHL 28-Sep-01 6’0 176 L
257 Kiryanov, Nikita LW Loko Yaroslavl MHL 7-May-02 6’5 180 L
258 Rajaniemi, Matias LHD Pelicans U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 11-Sep-02 6’4 201 L
259 Forsfjall, Mans LHD Skelleftea J20 Superelit 30-Jul-02 5’10 167 L
260 Hedlund, Erik RW Leksand J20 Superelit 7-Feb-02 5’9 150 R
261 Jirus, Vojtech LW Benatky N. J. Chance Liga 4-Feb-02 5’11 172 L
262 Kucerik, Radek LHD Saskatoon WHL 21-Dec-01 6’2 210 L
263 Prokop, Luke RHD Calgary WHL 6-May-02 6’4 217 R
264 Gaffney, Alex C Muskegon USHL 25-Jun-02 5’7 185 R
265 Kaski, Topias RW Karpat U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 14-Mar-02 5’11 163 R
266 Piercey, Riley LW Flint OHL 20-Mar-02 6’4 200 L
267 Garfve, Isak C Mora J20 Superelit 14-Feb-02 6’3 195 R
268 Bykov, Maxim LW Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL 2-Jul-02 6’1 178 R
269 Souch, Carter LW Edmonton WHL 28-Oct-01 5’10 162 L
270 Eriksson, Samuel LW Farjestad J20 Superelit 11-Apr-02 5’11 168 L
271 Karpa, Zakary C U.S. U18 NTDP 25-Mar-02 6’2 173 L
272 Malak, Daniel LHD Plzen U21 DHL Cup 13-Sep-02 6’0 154 L
273 Kosolapov, Anton RW MHK Dynamo MHL 30-Jan-02 6’0 183 R
274 Spitserov, Timofey RW Culver HS-IN 26-Mar-02 5’11 174 L
275 Crnkovic, Kyle LW Saskatoon WHL 10-Feb-02 5’6 159 L
276 Maatta, Rami LHD Assat U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 3-Apr-02 5’11 168 L
277 Shepard, Cole LW Vancouver WHL 1-Feb-02 5’11 157 L
278 O’Hara, Cole RW North York OJHL 20-Jun-02 5’11 160 R
279 Gleason, Matthew C Cretin-Derham HS-MN 20-Sep-01 5’8 165 L
280 Smirnov, Nikolai RW Russkie Vityaz MHL 25-Jan-02 5’6 150 R
281 Riley, Grant G Janesville NAHL 28-Aug-02 6’4 194 L
282 Alexander, Ryan C St. Michaels OJHL 17-Jun-02 5’11 162 L
283 Dunn, Kabore LHD Fort McMurray AJHL 10-Nov-01 6’2 176 L
284 Adam, Olivier G Blainville-Boisbriand QMJHL 20-May-02 6’3 170 R
285 Hampl, Jan LHD Benatky N. J. Chance Liga 10-Jun-02 6’3 209 L
286 Capone, Nick RW Tri-City USHL 17-Dec-01 6’2 202 R
287 Demchenko, Valentin RW Baie-Comeau QMJHL 1-Apr-02 6’0 173 L
288 Berg, Cameron C Muskegon USHL 29-Jan-02 5’11 181 L
289 Gallatin, Owen LHD U.S. U18 NTDP 17-Jun-02 5’8 168 L
290 Bauer, Tyrel RHD Seattle WHL 23-Mar-02 6’3 206 R
291 McGuire, Ryan C Belmont Hill HS-MA 27-Jul-02 6’0 176 R
292 McKown, Hunter C U.S. U18 NTDP 18-Aug-02 6’1 183 R
293 Ottavainen, Ville RHD Kitchener OHL 12-Aug-02 6’4 200 R
294 Uberti, Jake C Niagara OHL 7-Mar-02 6’1 190 R
295 Aucoin, Kyle LHD Tri-City USHL 2-Jul-02 5’11 164 L
296 Perbix, Blake RW St. Cloud Cathedral HS-MN 10-Jan-02 5’9 165 L
297 Ma, David LHD Shattuck HS-MN 22-Jun-02 5’11 169 L
298 Ollas, Hugo G Linkoping J20 Superelit 24-Apr-02 6’7 216 L
299 Agapov, Aleksander RW Penza VHL 13-Feb-02 5’10 154 R
300 Halliday, Stephen LW Dubuque USHL 2-Jul-02 6’4 212 L
301 Allenspach, Dario C Zug Jr. Elite Jr. A 20-Aug-02 5’11 146 L
302 Zaitsev, Daniil LHD Avto Yekaterinburg MHL 11-Oct-01 6’1 183 L
303 Fromm-Delorme, Robert RW Portland WHL 2-Mar-02 6’1 182 R
304 Luoto, Oskari LW Tappara U21 Jr. A SM-Liiga 21-May-02 6’0 161 L
305 Kovich, Kyler LW Nanaimo BCHL 31-Jan-02 6’0 180 L
306 Ivan, Ivan C Cape Breton QMJHL 20-Aug-02 5’10 175 L
307 Boyko, Noah RW Lethbridge WHL 29-Aug-02 6’0 173 R
308 Desnoyers, Elliot LW Moncton QMJHL 21-Jan-02 5’11 183 L
309 Murray, Jake LHD Kingston OHL 11-Apr-02 6’3 201 L
310 Bell, Jon LHD St. Cloud Cathedral HS-MN 22-Jun-02 5’11 185 L
311 Cooley, Stanley C Spruce Grove AJHL 27-May-02 5’10 191 R
312 Yudin, Sergei C Kuznetskie Medvedie MHL 29-Mar-02 5’8 165 R
313 Mount, Payton C/W Seattle WHL 19-Jan-02 5’9 184 R
314 Bakanov, Andrei LW Guelph OHL 28-May-02 6’2 219 L
315 Abbott, Dylan LHD Fairbanks NAHL 26-Nov-01 5’11 180 L
316 Nordh, Nils LHD Mora J20 Superelit 31-Jan-02 6’3 185 L

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