2020 NHL Draft

Tim Stützle

Adler Mannheim (DEL)

Steve Kournianos  |  10/17/2019 |  Nashville  |  [hupso]


Position: Center/Left Wing
Shoots: Left
Height / Weight: 6’1, 185 lbs
Born: January 15th, 2002 | Viersen, Germany
Nation: Germany

The Draft Analyst Ranking:

30 17 7 5 3 3

Regular Season

Team/League GP G A PTS +/- PIM P/G
2017-18  Jungadler Mannheim (U19) 25 18 29 47 8 1.88
2017-18  Germany (U18  D1A WC) 5 1 3 4 +3 2 0.80
2018-19  Jungadler Mannheim (U20)  21 23 32 55 30 2.62
2018-19  Germany (U18  D1A WC) 5 2 7 9 +2 12 1.80
2019-20  Adler Mannheim (DEL) 41 7 27 34 +4 12 0.83
2019-20  Adler Mannheim (CHL) 6 2 3 5 +3 0 0.83

Stützle is as close to a finished product as you’ll find in a 17-year-old forward. He plays both center and wing, although with Mannheim he’s be utilized exclusively on the flank. His quickness on or off the puck is evident from the second he hits the ice, and his reputation as a high-volume scorer doesn’t limit his abilities to forecheck with tenacity or finish his checks hard. Stützle stays in motion and tracks (and predicts) puck travel far more consistently than the average first-year draft eligible. This acute sense allows Stützle to apply a tremendous amount of physical pressure on opposing defensemen, who even at their advanced age still commit critical turnovers in the face of his relentless hounding. He was named the DEL’s Rookie of the Year and registered five assists in five games in a tough group at the under-20 world junior hockey championship.

He operates a very quick stick, and his hand-eye coordination helps him bat down elevated passes before softly corralling the puck flat on his blade. He takes smart routes to the puck and plays with his head up in order to identify gaps in coverage, which means there is more to his defensive game than you’d think. He exerts a lot of energy from whistle to whistle but running on an empty tank doesn’t have him gunning for the bench at the earliest chance — Stützle likes to be involved in plays and create chances, and it seems like a set of tired legs won’t stop him from doing so.

Stützle is an excellent skater in all areas. His first step is explosive; his skating style is slightly upright and fluid; and he generates power in his clean, textbook strides. Although he’s more of a north-south skater in the neutral zone, Stützle transitions to a slippery sidewinder after the opposing territory is breached. He breaks ankles, spins off pressure, and uses a series of shoulder fakes and head bobs to gain entry in between the circles. He attracts a significant amount of attention from the entire opposing unit, and powering through hard shoves or a heavy lean while gliding around the net or near the line validates his balance and edgework as well above average. He seems to have a gamer’s attitude on the ice but also comes across as a kid simply enjoying the game he loves.

Stützle is an exceptional playmaker and a dual threat once he has the puck and is heading towards the scoring areas. He has soft hands and a phenomenal touch, and he is more than confident (and competent) at attempting to feather or saucer passes from in close. Stützle roofs the puck with regularity on either forehand or backhand, and he appears to understand the importance of puck positioning on his blade. If he rushes a shot, the accuracy remains, but he also has the wherewithal to out-wait an opponent before finishing a play off with a trick pass or shot. His wrist shot is deadly, specifically from between the circles, and he is consistent in labeling shots to the long side off the pass