2016 U20 World Junior “A” Challenge

Seventh Heaven

Americans cruise to seventh WJAC title
Steve Kournianos  |  012/19/2016 |  New York  |  [hupso]

Photo courtesy of Hockey Canada

11 DEC 16-Prelim Canada-East Czech Republic Can-East W, 4-1
11 DEC 16-Prelim Canada-West Switzerland Can-West W, 6-2
12 DEC 16-Prelim Czech Republic USA CZE W, 1-0
12 DEC 16-Prelim Russia Canada-West Russia W, 5-3
13 DEC 16-Prelim Switzerland Russia Russia W, 6-5 (OT)
13 DEC 16-Prelim USA Canada-East USA W, 3-1
14 DEC 16-QF USA Switzerland USA W, 9-0
14 DEC 16-QF Canada-West Czech Republic CZE W, 4-3 (SO)
15 DEC 16-SF Russia USA USA W, 4-2
15 DEC 16-SF Canada-East Czech Republic Can-East W, 2-1 (OT)
16 DEC 16-5th Canada-West Switzerland Can-West W, 5-3
16 DEC 16-3rd Russia Czech Republic Russia W , 7-4
17 DEC 16-F Canada-East USA USA W , 4-0

United States

RW Hank Crone (2017 Draft): Quick overage forward headed to Boston University who has soft hands and an offense-first mindset. Crone uses his speed and lateral maneuverability to create time and space in the face of a stacked zone defense. He can play on the power play and seems quite comfortable handling the puck for long periods of time. You can consider him a puck hound who likes to draw defenders towards him simply to feather a neat pass into open ice of an onrushing teammate to collect. Crone is a confident player who won’t back down in the face of bigger opponents and plays bigger than his listed 5’8 frame.

C Ethan Frank (2017 Draft): Western Michigan-bound battler with speed who is very shifty and possesses impressive puck skills. Frank is an overager with strong balance and a solid stick that allows him to fight through checks with the puck. He’s an excellent penalty killer who pressures the points and is extremely fearless as he closes on bigger players. Frank might be listed at 5’10, but he has strong lower-body strength and leg drive to take men out with a clean hit. Frank takes the puck directly to the net and can change gears to catch defenders flat footed. He’s a strong competitor who thrives in tight-checking affairs.

LHD Mikey Anderson (2017 Draft): Quick, confident first-year eligible defender who can initiate a successful breakout in a variety of ways. Anderson is a strong skater with excellent lateral mobility who uses his speed to escape opponents. He can feather accurate passes into open ice while drawing multiple opponents. Anderson is a solid body checker who can excel in either the finesse game or the slogging match, and is entrusted with critical roles on both the penalty kill and on the power play.

RW Zach Solow (2017 Draft):  An absolute beast with a commitment to Northeastern, Solow was one of Team USA’s top scorers. He plays a fast-paced game and loves to involve himself wherever the puck is or will end up. Solow is classically diminutive (5’9, 180), but he plays without fear and will take a beating as he traverses direct routes to the net. He is a two-way winger who does all the necessary things to ensure his man is both covered and limited in options. Solow can also play center and looks for his teammates rather than take low-percentage shots. His versatility and durability speak volumes about his effectiveness as an offensive force who does not shy away from the physical aspects of the game.