The Draft Analyst is an extensive quick-reference guide for those looking to gain an acute grasp of amateur and professional player development, primarily during periods leading up to and after the NHL’s annual Entry Draft. We carefully consider and incorporate all available assets to determine what we think are accurate and fair player assessments, at times on a shift-to-shift and game-to-game basis. Furthermore, we have a penchant for examining the forgotten — the drafts and prospects of yore which, in our opinion, may give the student, instructor, agent or executive a full-spectrum understanding of what has worked or failed in player development. On any given day, the conditions change for not only a given player, but a given organization. We strive to do the all-encompassing analysis well beyond what would compel a Team X to select a Player Y.

The information we extract from our extensive library of periodicals, media guides and publications will be made available on this site and attributed accordingly. Our intent is to arm the draft guru or history buff with the resources and analysis to not only save them valuable time, but provide them with farsightedness as well.